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Qalaa Holdings is an African leader in energy and infrastructure. We build businesses in core industries that will define our region’s future. The 15,161 employees of our core subsidiaries and other investments work each day to deliver energy to consumers and businesses alike; to provide reliable, fuel-efficient transportation solutions; to grow or manufacture safe, healthy food; to add value to natural resources, and to help build critical national infrastructure.


Qalaa Holdings’ cement platform company is ASEC Holding, a leading regional cement, engineering, and construction group with operations spanning Africa and the Middle East. With more than 30 years of experience, ASEC’s portfolio of services includes plant design and engineering, technical management, automation, and construction.


ASEC’s portfolio includes cement manufacturing through ASEC Cement with two operational production facilities: Al-Takamol Cement in Sudan and Zahana Cement Co. in Algeria. ASEC’s construction and management services are carried out by ARESCO, ASEC Engineering, ASEC Automation and ASENPRO.


In 2015 Qalaa had reduced its exposure to the cement industry, with ASEC Holding concluding the sale of business unit Misr Cement Qena as well exiting ASEC Minya and ASEC Ready-Mix.

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ASA Foundation

ASEC Automation was established as a junior member of the ASEC Holding family to pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions for automation and electrical engineering to some of the world’s most demanding heavy industries and infrastructure projects.


ASA Reinforcement

The Qalaa Holdings acquisition of ASEC Holding has been considered a reviving push for the Arab Swiss Engineering Company Which by a result has given ASEC Automation a firm footing in a growing and competitive electrical contracting market.


ASA Sustainability

ASEC Automation embraces a maturity phase, where it’s capable of recognizing the changes in the local & global industry with a plan of continuing to monitor and quickly adopt its lines of business and services to sustain its 20-year record of expertise.


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It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the official website of ASA and I encourage you to explore through to learn more about our achievements, standards, and ambitions.


Over the past few years, ASA underwent tremendous challenges spanning political turbulence, industrial unrest, ending with the economic reform which was accompanied with the liberalization of local currency rate and a surge in the inflation rate.


Despite of the impact of these factors on our financials, we were agile enough to adapt to the change and to maintain our market leadership. The pattern of ownership of the cement industry has changed over the past few years. The market has also changed; with many new modern government-owned cement plants being added to the cement plants map, our challenge henceforth is to put a foot in these plants as well as to contribute of course to the upgrading and modernizing of the older ones.


We were quite aware of the rewards of the local currency devaluation, and we were the fastest to new territories supported with services of world-class standards. Our footholds now include Algeria, Iraq, Philippines, Qatar, Sudan, Venezuela, and Yemen and soon we shall be tapping into Bahrain, Mexico, and the UAE. We shall continue to explore new markets and diversify into non-cement businesses.


We have strong potential to achieve further growth and better returns as long as we remain extremely cost-conscious, committed, and diligent. Our growth is fueled by a wealth of intellects and skilled hands; to whom I owe true gratitude for fulfilling the company’s obligations in sometimes difficult conditions.


ASA has striven to establish a reputation for excellence, which has been earned by how we operate our business. We are driven by a culture of quality, partnership, and commitment to timely and efficient delivery. We shall never compromise on these standards. With the unrelenting commitment to service excellence and maximized return to all stakeholders, ASA shall continue to be a leader in the electrical and automation field.


Galal Yakout
ASA Chairman


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ASA was created in 1997. It started from the vision of a small group of passionate engineers. The vision was to create a local company to fill the urgent needs in Egypt to have a local EPC Company.


Today, the impressive growth of ASA, is due to hard work, dedication and solid professionalism. ASA is recognized worldwide for being a highly skilled company. A pioneer in industrial services in the electrical, automation and construction sectors.


I am very proud of the diverse team that we form today at ASA, which is now compromised of 500 employees. Each of whom, play an essential role in Egypt and in the different ASA subsidiaries around the world. Notably, through the creation of ASA PACIFIC, ASA DUBAI, as well as representative agreement in South America, and partnership in Europe.


Michel Kornienko
CEO and Managing Director

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CEO & Managing Director

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Estimation & Tendering Director

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Since its foundation in 1997, ASA has been a pioneer in providing cutting-edge solutions for automation and electrical engineering to some of the world’s most demanding heavy industries and infrastructure projects. For more than 20 years, ASA has successfully delivered quality projects from Mexico to the Philippines and remained a leader in the MENA region.


From the beginnings, ASA has been committed to invest in talent, equipment and capacity to serve highest quality, efficient operation and intolerable safety standards. Today, we offer our solutions globally where we operate across industrial and infrastructure sectors, our projects include Cement, Refineries, Water and Wastewater treatment, Power Plants and Distribution Networks.


We provide conventional scope in Design and Build, we also provide operation and maintenance to many of the industrial facilities, where we combine our capabilities to provide clients with unparalleled technical management for their facilities.


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Message From The Chairman


It is my pleasure to announce the creation of ASA Pacific; a company that is formed between myself and Qalaa Holding, an Egyptian Conglomerate African Leader in Infrastructure and Industry, through its subsidiary Asec Automation.


Asec Automation is one of the few leading electrical and automation industrial contractors in the Middle East. Asec Automation provides comprehensive engineering and construction without the restrictive limitations sat by brands or design methodologies.
Through the last two decades, Asec Automation successfully delivered various industrial projects worth of Billions of US Dollars around the world.


Today, as shareholders and management of ASA Pacific, we are transferring such profound know-how and skills to meet the requirement of the robust growth in the Philippines’ market as well as ASEAN region.
Knowing the unique and complex requirements of modern industrial projects and believing in our new entity’s capability, I fully trust our ability to perform outstanding jobs for our clients and obtain unlimited growth potentials in various Industries including Cement, Mining, Water Treatment, Waste Water, Fertilizer, Power Plant, Steel, …


To achieve such successful performance, we have a simple but necessary approach: we consider our clients as our partners, where success can be only obtained by satisfying the client’s expectations. <br> Integrating Asec Automation’s experience, management system with local skilled resources, we have built a competitive company that can undertake significant diverse scope, from Turnkey projects to specialized projects such as system upgrades and technical management.


ASA Pacific’s scope covers, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Electrical and Automation Engineering.
  • Electrical Materials and Equipment Supply.
  • Erection, Installation works, Supervision and Commissioning
  • Electrical Maintenance and Technical Management.
  • Electrical Equipment and Systems Overhauling.
  • Automation Systems Upgrade.


As the chairman of ASA Pacific, my target is to turn these high potential goals into a reality. We have built a detailed strategy to reach such reality and mobilized the adequate resources to materialize our strategy in a timely manner. We are fully ready to meet the strong challenges and provide our clients with unique, competitive and reliable services that meet and even exceed their expectations.


Timmy G. Tan
Chairman ASA Pacific


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