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ASA maintenance services has proven its unrivaled value to all its clients by replacing the traditional "Troubleshooting" concept of operation and maintenance to a fully integrated solution. Our approach focuses on increasing efficiency by consistently providing preventive maintenance, increasing equipment reliability, and decreasing shutdown periods.


In addition to long term maintenance projects, ASA provides professional solutions for overhauling tasks, specifically in Cement plants as well as other process industries. Trained in latest diagnostic, repairs and electrical maintenance practices, our global service team of 300 well trained professionals are a definite added value to any plant we serve.


The currently increasing pressures to provide successful and optimized operation of plants have proved the need to replace traditional operation and maintenance methods to be more flexible and fully integrated.


ASA has been successfully providing services to maximize the benefits, predict and plan issues to increase equipment durability, reduce operating costs and ultimately optimize full operation.


ASA Maintenance Services


ASA expands and develops its services to include electrical equipment testing and measurement, electrical equipment commissioning, plant electrical auditing, and equipment overhauling during an emergency and planned shutdown to meet and match the clients' requirements.

1 Maintenance Projects (Long Term)

ASA maintenance department performs electrical maintenance services in various cement plants such as HELWAN, QENA, MISR BENI SUEF, El NAHDA, BMIC ASSUIT, ASEC MINYA and SOUTH VALLEY, as well as other industries through long-term electrical maintenance management contracts.

2 Overhauling Project

In addition to the long term projects, ASA performs overhauling electrical maintenance of the plant electrical equipment across Egypt (KATTAMEYAH, AMREYAH, ALEXANDRIA Cement plants) as well as globally (ZAHANA, MEFTAH Cement Plants in Algeria and KARBALA Cement Plant in Iraq)

3 Equipment Commissioning & Plant Auditing

ASA team performs the commissioning activities for all electrical equipment such as LV & MV Switchgear, drives, motors and instruments, besides performing technical audit for the plant electrical equipment to define the required overhauling tasks for such equipment.

4 Electrical Equipment Testing & Measurements Services

As the predictive maintenance plays a vital role in reducing the equipment down time and maintenance service cost, ASA team acquires the latest technology tools to perform the latest predictive measurements in motors analysis, thermal image, network power quality and circuit breaker required for electrical equipment stability and proper performance Electrical

  • Maintenance
  • Long Term Projects
ASA Maintenance Department performing the electrical maintenance services mainly in the Cement Plants and other industries in form of long-term electrical maintenance management contracts which includes the planned activities required for plant maintenance plan. ASA team of PM section inspectors also perform regular visual checks, followed by implementation of corrective maintenance as requested by the inspection team. We also locate an electrical spare parts store on site for the client’s convenience.



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  • Beni Suef
  • Nahda
  • Asyut
  • Minya


Maintenance Service Controls  

SAP Plant Maintenance Module

ASA implements the SAP Plant Maintenance software package module in its maintenance projects which facilitates the analysis of spare parts cost, troubleshooting and equipment availability as well as performing a preventive plant maintenance for electrical equipment.  

Maintenance Performance Analysis

For monitoring and analyzing the electrical maintenance process performance, ASA defines KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in its projects, where results are reviewed monthly to assure improvement besides identifying the root causes of the negative results. The relating corrective actions are taken accordingly.  


To enhance and control the motor repair and rewinding, ASA established repair motors main workshop at Tibben for motors overhauling and rewinding up to LV motors rating 500 KW, in addition to the workshops established at clients’ sites, we also established a workshop for repairing and testing the electronics cards.      
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Electrical Equipment Testing and Measurements Services

As ASA maximizes the role of predictive maintenance the proper implementation of the maintenance services through acquiring the latest technology in motors analysis, thermal image, network power quality and circuit breaker as well as maintaining the electrical equipment stability and performance.


ASA Maintenance performs the following recommended measurements:

Partial Discharge Detecting (Nondestructive test) for MV switchgear panel & Cables by IPEC’s PD SG1

On-Line Motors Testing by SKF Motor Analyzer Baker EXP 4000

M.V Circuit Breaker tests (Contact resistance, on and off switching time) using MEGGER-EGIL with SDRM option and USB port

Power quality analysis measurements including power factor, harmonic, power and energy measurements using FLUKE 435

Measurements of M.V slip ring motors: Ovality by CL- Profiler MERSEN, brush spring pressure by Dynamometer 90349 and surface roughness by Perthometer M1 Mahr.

Repair the slip rings Ovality using “COMMPACT” GRINDING TOOL -MARTINDALE

Thermograph survey for motors, transformers, switches gears and bus ducts using Thermal Camera FLUKE TI32

Transformer oil tests : DGA, chemical & physical and dielectric strength tests Using DANI 1000, according to IEC 60599

Earth Ground loop resistance, measurements for commercial, industrial, and utility applications Using Earth Clamp

Motor Vibration Diagnostic using Adash 4900 - Vibrio M.

SKF Shaft alignment tool TKSA 60