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Electrical and Automation Engineering and Design for Process Industries

ASA is an engineering solutions provider, offering unlimited options from a small application to complete process plant, from greenfield new designs to sensitive and challenging upgrades, ASA has been part of hundreds of references around the world since the last 20 years.   Independent of any electrical or automation equipment suppliers, but fully mastering all brand technologies and equipment available in the market through various trusted partnerships. ASA offers the right equipment to its clients, as well as the right related engineering and design solutions.   As an EPC company, ASA is investing significantly in all available software tools dedicated to the electrical and automation engineering in order to meet the broad spectrum of standards, codes, and specifications defined for the process industries. Special attention was given to the 3D CAD design to easily and quickly integrate our clients’ 3D civil and mechanical structures.   We also conduct regular site audits to ensure the quality of our provided services.
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Electrical Engineering Scope

ASA provides the complete electrical engineering, specification and design covering all loads and power sources in any process industrial facility. Our supplies are based on known electrical equipment manufacturers where we integrate these equipment in our workshops according to international standards.   As an example, high standard fixed type MCCs are produced in our workshops to meet specific customer requirements.   As an EPC company, ASA is investing significantly in all available software tools dedicated to the electrical and automation engineering in order to meet the broad spectrum of standards, codes and specifications defined for the process industries. Special attention was given to the 3D CAD Design in our engineering in order to integrate easily and quickly the 3D civil and mechanical structures of our customers.   Our general scope of services includes: ;

Power Distribution Systems HV MV LV

  • One line diagrams
  • Load and motor start-up studies
  • Short-circuiting studies
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Relay studies
  • Equipment specifications

Electrical Rooms

  • General arrangement drawings
  • Equipment outline details
  • Information for civil engineering
  • HVAC design information and equipment supply

Cables & Cables Trays

  • Cables Routing
  • All voltage levels
  • All signal levels
  • Cables Specifications
  • Cables Lis


  • MV Cells, LVDB, MCC, Capacitor Bank, Transformer
  • Diesel Generator
  • Motors, Variable speed Drive
  • Spare Parts
  • Workshop inspection and test

Lighting, Earthing, Lightening Protectio

Systems, Telephone, Fire Detection, CCTV System, Clock System, Scanner

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  • Automation

Automation Scope

ASA has set up and installed more than one hundred automation systems in many process industrial plants. These DCS systems, PLC systems, SCADA systems from known Process Control Systems manufacturers have been fully engineered, programmed, FAT tested and put into operation by our skilled automation engineers. Partnerships with manufacturers like Siemens, ABB, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi, and many more, are allowing ASA to better serve its clients from study to maintenance.   Our general scope of services includes:  

Flow sheets / P&I diagrams

Standards of programming

Interlock and control loop diagrams

Control System configuration & requirements

Logic Diagrams & Functional Specifications

Mimics pictures


Cabinet layout (EPlan Pro Panel)


FAT test

Control desk

Expert control equipment

Fuzzy logic

Power Management System

Management Information system

Operator Simulation system

Training system


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  • Instrumentation
ASA has extensive experience in the field of Instrumentation which includes: erection, installation, testing, calibration, loop checking and commissioning of the entire system including supply of primary sensor, field transmitter, controller, indicator, erection hardware, ducts, trays, cables, etc. for carrying out complete control and instrumentation works. We also offer technical assistance, training sessions and spare parts to our clients.
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  • Erection & Commissioning

Erection & Commissioning

Having a team of highly qualified engineers, technicians and professionals enjoying an extensive experience in local and international arena, ASA is able to undertake all types of installation, erection and commissioning projects with a un-doubtful guarantee of success.
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Project Management

Equipped with more than two decades of successful projects delivery, extended technical capabilities and long-term partnership with its clients, ASA considers customer satisfaction a vital element for all its value chain activities and the foundation of its project management methodology.   One of the key responsibilities of project management department is to minimize uncertainties, maximize efficiency without compromising quality. We believe in continuous and transparent communication as the most important tool to maintain partnership with our clients.   Project Management Team roles and responsibility:  

Scope Management

Time Management

Cost Management

Quality Management

Communications Management

Analyzing and managing project risk

Activity and resource planning

Organizing and motivating a project team

Ensuring customer satisfaction

  Adopting best practices in industry, our project management practice depends mainly on detailed planning and continuous follow up and controls.
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ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

ISO 9001